Diploma in Physiotherapy has received approval from the Ministry of Higher Education on 24 September 2008 and the first semester course is expected to start in the first semester of 2011/2012 academic session where the first enrollment will begin in June 2011. Generally, the program will produce graduates with a Diploma in Physiotherapy is a professional with current knowledge in the field of medical technology and health sciences. Qualified graduates may also pursue a Degree and Postgraduate in or outside the country in areas of expertise are selected. With the emergence of quality graduates and trained, the lack of the physiotherapy in the country will be resolved. On these criteria, UniSZA move and took the opportunity to offer a Diploma in Physiotherapy Program to jointly working with the government especially the Ministry of Health Malaysia in solving the shortage of trained physiotherapist of the hand.


The Faculty of Health Sciences shall produce Physiotherapists who are:

  1. Knowledgeable and skillful in physiotherapy discipline in-line with the current healthcare needs.
  2. Capable to solve physiotherapy problems creatively, innovatively, and ethically through sustainable approach.
  3. Effective in communication and demonstrate quality leadership in organization.
  4. Able to demonstrate entrepreneurship skills and recognize the need of lifelong learning for successful career advancement

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this programme, student should be able to :

  1. Acquire and apply basic knowledge of health sciences to physiotherapy field.
  2. Demonstrate competent practical ability in physiotherapy.
  3. Demonstrate sensitivity, responsibility and accountability towards the community of diverse cultural and religious differences.
  4. Carry out professional and humane responsibilities ethically in line with the physiotherapy code of conduct.
  5. Display effective communication and leadership ability, and able to function competently as an individual or team member.
  6. Demonstrate problem solving skills in creative, and effective manner.
  7. Recognize the need for lifelong learning and professional development
  8. Demonstrate managerial and entrepreneurship skills for career development.


This program is a full-time study programs and are conducted through lectures, tutorials, practical work, project papers and clinical work. The period of study is six (6) semesters or three (3) years.


  • Physiotherapist in various sectors, including hospitals, clinics and industry.
  • Further study to higher levels in the local universities (Bachelor of Physiotherapy or Master in Physiotherapy) in order to increase efficiency improvement of excellence in his career.


  • Physiotherapist is responsible for rehabilitation of the patient’s body through exercise, mobilization techniques, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy to assess, identify problems, plan and treat patients and provides services in designing and teaching the patient about the recovery and use of rehabilitation techniques.
  • In addition, Physiotherapist are responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating programs and progress patient care and provide counseling services, manage the day-care centers (homes for the elderly, child care centers spastic / special / psychiatrist), control and evaluation of industrial workshops and give advice. Among the advice given is such as health education advice to patients and patients' families, including home renovations, public buildings and environments to suit the inability of patients and the public awareness campaign about the importance of rehabilitation and cooperate with PERKESO for evaluation and treatment the patient is injured while working.
  • They are also responsible for determining, assessing, identifying and healing-related problems such as speech / speaking, problems in the oral pharyngeal function and related diseases, problems of communication and assess, rehabilitate and improve the development of relationships for patients and provide training systems, to provide rehabilitation hearing-speech and providing advice to patients, their families and to identify factors in the evaluation to improve patient who has problems in speech / saying a word and its related diseases.

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