Bachelor of Dietetics (Honours) program was the second program that was approved by the Ministry of Higher Education after the Medical Bachelor and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program on 26 March 2009. The program have been accredited by MQA in 2014. The recognition by MQA shows that this program has attained the quality standard set by MQA and is in compliance with the MQF. In four year times, the students will take up basic medical sciences, dietetics, nutrition, food sciences, and social sciences courses and conduct a small research project as a requirement for graduation. They will also undergo 1000 hours of clinical training in dietetics during their final year.

Program Educational Objectives

The Faculty’s Bachelor of Dietetics (Honours) programme shall produce Dietitians who are;

  1. Knowledgeable and clinically competent in dietetics discipline in-line with the government and industry requirement.
  2.  Effective in communication and demonstrate good leadership quality in an organization
  3.  Capable to solve nutrition-related problems scientifically, creatively and ethically through sustainable approach.
  4.  Able to demonstrate entrepreneurship skills and recognize the need of life-long learning in dietetics for successful career advancement.

Program Learning Outcomes

At the end of this program, students will be able to;

  1. Acquire and apply knowledge of food, nutrition, clinical and social sciences in nutrition care process.
  2.  Demonstrate comprehensive clinical expertise in dietetics.
  3.  Identify, formulate and provide evidence-based, creative and effective solution to nutrition-related problems.
  4.  Communicate effectively both in written and spoken form with patients, their caregiver, peers, healthcare professionals, community and the stakeholders at large.
  5.  Function individually or in teams effectively, with a capability to be a leader in coordinating daily activities of dietetics services.
  6. Understand and commit professionally, ethically and with humane responsibility, in line with the dietitian’s code of ethics and professional conduct.
  7.  Recognize the need for and to engage in life-long learning, professional development and research by utilising ICT and information management system.
  8.  Self-motivate and enhance entrepreneurship skills for career development.
  9.  Realize and demonstrate effective leadership responsibility.

Duration of Program

The duration of the course for this program is 4 years which each year consists of two semesters. Each semester consists of 14 weeks of learning. The minimum period for the completion of this program is 8 semesters, while the maximum period allowed is 10 semester.

Career opportunities