Student Facilities


To create a comfortable learning environment for the students, the management has built four residence colleges. Three of these are located at the Gong Badak Campus, while the other is located at the Medical Campus. There are 38 blocks with a total of 2379 rooms at the Gong Badak Campus while at the Kota Campus there are two blocks with 44 rooms.On average, each room accommodates two students. This conducive environment allows ample space for both study and rest.

Overall, these 4 residence colleges can accommodate approximately 4,800 students. Cafeteria facilities are also provided for both the students and staff of Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin.


Academic facilities are given the utmost attention. Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin provides classrooms, tutorial rooms, seminar halls and workshop facilities that are conducive to the learning process. In addition, other facilities directly related to learning are also provided. These include a library, language labs, computer labs and other facilities commonly found in higher learning institutions in this country.


Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin has a multi-purpose gymnasium for sports such as badminton, squash, volleyball and general exercise. Facilities for other main sports include a hockey field, tennis courts, sepak takraw courts, archery fields and football fields among others. The Gong Badak Campus is located approximately four kilometers away from the Gong Badak Sports Complex which offers various sport facilities available for use.


Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin has its main library building located at the Gong Badak Campus and can accommodate up to 300 users at a time. Capacity will increase once expansion work is completed. The library collection holds nearly 140,000 items including books, journals, magazines and newspapers. There is also a mini library at the Kota Campus.

To provide better service for users, the library collection is organsised as follows:

1. Printed Collection
2. Non-printed Collection
3. Published Serials Collection
4. Digital Collection

At the same time, to ensure users get the latest information quickly, the library has subscribed to 11 database sources, both of domestic and international origin. 

1. ACM Digital Library
3. NetLibrary (e-Books)
4. Islamic Finance
5. Information Service (FIS)
6. Proquest
7. E-Brary
8. Lexis Nexis Research
9. CULaw Online
10. NSTP e-Media
11. Lawnet OnLine Law Library
12. Sirim Link


There are over 50 student societies in a variety of fields where students develop skills in leadership, management, organisation and entrepreneurial spirit among others. At the same time, while studying at Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin students have the opportunity to receive scholarships or financial loans from not less that 20 institutions and agencies. These include PTPTN, MARA, Terengganu Foundation, Sabah Foundation, Johor Education Foundation, Kedah Islamic Foundation, Police Cooperative and more.

Facilities for religious worship both for students and the whole campus community is a priority. In line with this, the university has a mosque that can hold 3,5000 worshipers at any one time. A host of activities are regularly organised by the Islamic Centre and held at the mosque. These facilities are not only for university use, but play an important role in the development of the community outside campus as well. 

ATM facilities are also found on campus equipped with safe security from the Security Department in order to avoid unwanted accidents and also to provide a good level of campus security. 

The Counseling and Career Unit plays a role in ensuring students are able to balance their education and personal lives, as well as help the university produce quality graduates. Qualified counselors are appointed and act as a resource for students to ensure their problems are resolved in a confidential.