• Diploma of Medical Laboratory Technology was established to train competent Medical Laboratory Technologist, equipped with knowledge and skill of latest technology to carry out various diagnostic tests in medical laboratory. The need for training Medical Laboratory Technologist arises from the increased demand for competent technologist and the deficit of labour in the medical laboratory sector in recent years. The Medical Laboratory Technology Programme is aimed at training future graduates who will be able to provide high quality service by cultivating knowledge, skills, medical ethics and caring attitude, able to practice effective communication with co-workers and the public community and to prepare future graduates to be a part of the health care team with excellent proficiency in their field of expertise.
    1. Provide the best service and the efficiency in applications based learning related to the field of medical laboratory technology.
    2. Provide quality service by applying the skills, medical ethics and caring attitude.
    3. Offer services to individuals, families and communities, and encourage them to be a responsible person.
    4. Participate as a member of the medical team who are competent in the chosen discipline.
    5. Create interest and commitment to continuous earning for professional and personal development.
    6. Communicate effectively with colleagues, family and community.
    7. Solve various problems and suggest improvements arisen in the field of laboratory diagnostics.
    8. Manage and plan services to the laboratory in developing the best central reference laboratory.
    9. Nurture the spirit of leadership in translating various concepts and theories acquired to the practical and practice in developing a better service for diagnostic laboratory.
    • The duration of the course is 3 years which each year consists of two semesters.

    • Each semester consist of 4 weeks learning.

    • The minimum duration for the completion of the program is 6 semester, while the maximum period allowed is 10 semester.

  • Bright opportunity awaits the Diploma of Medical Laboratory Technology graduates in public and private sector in areas such as:
    •           Service sector - diagnostic laboratory in general and private hospital /clinic
    •           Academic – training future MLT graduates in colleges and universities.
    •           Research – university and research centre.
    •           Industry and management sector.

    Graduates will also have a chance to further their study in Bachelor of Biomedicine or any related disciplines at local universities.
    1. The Medical Laboratory Technician conducts chemical analysis of body fluids, including blood, urine, and spinal fluid, to determine presence of normal and abnormal components.
    2. The Medical Laboratory Technician collects and studies blood samples to determine the number of cells, their morphology, or their blood group, blood type, and compatibility for transfusion purposes, using microscopic techniques.
    3. The Medical Laboratory Technician operates, calibrates and maintains equipment used in quantitative and qualitative analysis, such as spectrophotometers, calorimeters, flame photometers, and computer-controlled analyzers.
    4. The Medical Laboratory Technician supervises, trains, and directs lab assistants, medical and clinical laboratory technicians and technologists and other medical laboratory workers engaged in laboratory testing.
    5. The Medical Laboratory Technician establishes and monitors quality assurance programs and activities to ensure the accuracy of laboratory results.
    6. The Medical Laboratory Technician provides technical information about test results to physicians, family members and researchers.
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